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Kinney Compost, family owned and operated, producing an affordable, quality, diversified organic soil amendment since 1990.

At Kinney Compost we provide a top quality compost naturally containing microbes secreting chelating agents, aerobic bacteria and trace minerals to heal your plants, cleanse your soil and increase soil nutrient availability for your plants. To accomplish this we use a diverse group of organic ingredients. Once mixed each batch is cooked at 130 to 160 degrees F for 30 to 60 days at appropriate moisture levels. This process is meant to kill pathogens and weed seeds and in the process encourage beneficial fungi.

We produce our product in batches of varying maturity levels. Compost maturity is established using the Solvita Test methodology. This test determines whether burning of seed or odor is a concern. Less mature compost will tend to have a higher fertilizer value. This richer product can be beneficially applied outside in lower amounts. Each batch is tested to give the consumer confidence in how the product will likely perform.


Our compost will increase humus levels, stabilize soil moisture levels, reduce soil compaction and root rot while increasing soil fertilizer availability to the plant. We recommend an application rate of 10-50% by volume tilled into 6 inches of existing soil. The amount used depends on compost maturity and usage.

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