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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions...

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· It weighs 1100 to 1400 pounds per yard. This varies with the moisture content.
· The ph is approximately 7.00.
· Compost is a soil amendment and still needs fertilizer of some sort. A true compost should have an N-P-K value of around 1-1-1 and a nearly 100% availability to the crops planted in the compost.
· Large amounts – 12 to 32 yards, can be delivered. Contact us by phone or email for delivery charges. This is usually the best way to go for large orders.
For orders of 6 yards or less please contact us and we will refer you to someone who is able to deliver smaller amounts of compost more economically.

· A pickup will haul 1 to 3 yards depending on it’s size.
· Studies indicate compost does its very best in poor soil when 25% to 75% is used. Obviously this ratio would not work on a golf course application.
· Our compost is approved for use in MOFGA certified crops. We are a type I – IA facility which means we can use any ingredient coming from the farm (manure, hay, etc.) and also food waste. Food waste for us is, primarily, fish products of various kinds.
· Humus is just that. Compost is a greatly stepped up version in that in addition to having about the same amount of organic matter (roughly 50%), it has been brought to 1300 F to 1600 F for several weeks. This heating can only occur if several different ratios are adhered to and monitored during the curing process. C:N must be about 30:1, moisture must be 50% to 70%, and CO2 must be 18:3. If all of this is done correctly, compost will evolve containing many different bacteria, thermophiles – fungi, and enzymes in addition to humus or organic matter. What small amount of fertilizer value it may have is of very high quality and will have residual carry over for 2 or 3 years.
· Compost, because of the high temperatures involved, kills pathogens and all weed seed – gardeners really appreciate this characteristic.
· The bottom line is, it smells very earthy when completely cured and can be used almost any where for better plants.


Kinney Compost is a soil amendment. Regular small applications of fertilizer approved for use in organic crops may be desirable after roots have been established (about 30 days) depending on plant needs.


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