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At Kinney Compost we provide a top quality compost naturally containing microbes secreting chelating agents, aerobic bacteria and trace minerals to heal your plants, cleanse your soil, and increase soil nutrient availability for your plants. To accomplish this we use a diverse group of organic ingredients. Once mixed, each batch is cooked at 130 - 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 60 days at appropriate moisture levels. This process is meant to kill pathogens and weed seeds and in the process encourage beneficial fungi.

We produce our product in batches of varying maturity levels. Compost maturity is established using the Solvita Test methodology. This test determines whether burning of seed or odor is a concern. Each batch is tested to give the consumer confidence in how the product will likely perform.


*Solvita Test (1 - 8)

1 Least Mature (Raw materials)

23 Agricultural Grade At least 30 days up to temperature. Must be mixed with soil or top dressed, on mature grass, like a manure. Should be free of pathogens and weed seeds. Some raw material may be still evident. Heating and odor is likely.

4 Landscape grade More mature than Agriculture grade. No raw materials evident. Some heating may still occur. Best if mixed with soil. Works well in gardens and in planting shrubbery. Has an earthy smell with a small ammonia presence.

56 Nursery Grade Probably should be mixed with some soil or other potting material. Compost at this grade is quite stable and may be acceptable for direct potting, a rate of 25% to 75% compost mixed with soil seems to be most effective. Compost at this stage has an earthy smell and soft loamy feel.

78 Greenhouse Grade Completely cured compost, ready for use in any situation without risk of harm to seedlings or plants. Compost will have a soft and loamy feel and a pleasant earthy smell.


Kinney Compost is a soil amendment. Regular small applications of fertilizer approved for use in organic crops may be desirable after roots have been established (about 30 days) depending on plant needs.


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