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Container Mix
Solvita test 6 - 7*

Available by the yard or in 1 cubic foot bags.

Container Mix is mature compost combinned with aged bark mulch. The bark is added after the curing process to aid drainage. This high end product is recommended for use in medium to large containers for repotting nursery stock, house plants and flowers. It may also be used for outdoor landscaping and gardening needs. Container Mix may be used with or without soil in any ratio. It has a somewhat sandy texture with a lowered salinity level giving it extended nutrient release potential.

Nursery Grade Screened (NGS) also known as Organic Garden Compost
Solvita test 5 - 6*

Available by the yard (Nursery Grade Screened or NGS) or in 1 cubic foot bags (Organic Garden Compost)

Nursery Grade or Garden Compost is a cured compost for use in vegetable and flower gardens or to build up your lawn. It is recommended to blend this compost with soil in a ratio of 25% to 75%.  This compost also has a slightly sandy texture and offers extended release potential.


Aged Bark Mulch

Available by the yard or in 1 cubic foot bags.

Aged Bark Mulch is a premium, organic black bark mulch that has been aged for many years to minimize bark resins and lessen carbon components.  It may be used to improve drainage of soil.


Our Blend is custom blended for your needs.  It is a blend of loam (topsoil) and our Nursery Grade Screened Compost. It is an ideal product for raised beds.

*Solvita test indicates compost maturity.

Kinney Compost is a soil amendment.  Regular small applications of fertilizer approved for use in organic crops may be desireable after roots have been established (about 30 days) depending on plant needs.

For bagged products contact our bagged goods distributor Paris Farmers Union at 1-800-639-3603, for a dealer near you.

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